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Tomorrow #BCU #BCU17 FOAM PARTY @ClubAxess #TeamSoFye #Nuradio

Foam Party Axess

Ladies get your bathing suits and bikinis ready we got the models the bottles and the foam .


#BCU #FAMU BasketBall After Party At Club Axess #Teamsofye #Nuradio

#BCU #FAMU BasketBall After Party At Club Axess #Teamsofye #Nuradio

The most anticipated rivalry in all of florida Famu Vs Bcu but saturday we all party under one Roof

Damn DJ Oodie

DJ Oodie

So Fye DJ Oodie looks good in the Bethune-Cookman University newspaper, The Voice of the Wildcats. A Q&A on his life as a DJ and a student.

If you can’t get your hands on a copy of the paper, no worries the interview is below.


Q: What is your name and age?

A: My name is William Gilbert, also known as DJ Oodie and I am 24 yeas old.

Q: Where were you born and what’s your classification?

A: I was born in Newport News ‘Bad News’ Virginia and I am a senior.

Q: What are your hobbies and interest?

A: I enjoy being a DJ, music is what I live for.

Q: What is your major at Bethune- Cookman?

A: My major is mass communication with an emphasis in broadcast production technology.

Q: Why did you decide to come to B-CU?

A: I received a scholarship for the marching band, I play trombone.

Q: How would you describe your impact on the party scene at B-CU?

A: We stay live and keep the party turnt up. Myself and my entertainment, we’re So Fye!

Q: How do you deal with your competition?

A: I don’t even see them.

Q: How do you keep up with your school work, band, your job and your entertainment?

A: I manage my time. In my free time I am either doing school work or I am at a party. I have another DJ also, his name is Brandon Pope, also known as BDP Soundz so he steps in every now and then when I can’t.


Good stuff DJ Oodie! Yall stay tuned So Fye Entertainment is going places!!

Eric James | Next Generation

Another So Fye track by none other than Eric James himself.

“I fell in love with a young girl,” only a real man can admit that he was in love, and maybe with the wrong girl.

“Next Generation” has beautiful melody and definitely relate able lyrics.

Have a listen.